Today I would like to tell you that learning foreign languages by Skype is very popular nowadays, and it is quite understandable, cause both the teacher and the student does not have to leave their cozy homes and lose time on going somewhere, in addition there are no transport expenses, so there are so many pluses.

However some people can feel confused about this approach, since you do not see your teacher face to face and the Internet connection sometimes effect the quality of voice transmission and so on. BUT you still see your teacher, and problems with the Internet can be avoided. In addition, usually you pay less for such classes and providing you try hard and take your classes seriously the results will mushroom up! =) So good luck!

p.s. I teach by Skype myself, here is my login - zhuk.antonina
And here is the nice school where I teach - lengua.art-beats.ru/

Вопрос: Is learning English by Skype a good idea?
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