Everybody knows that learning through fun is a very promising technique, so as for me I try to use this fact wherever possible, like my last idea, which is quite common in the Net nowadays – is to print different phrases and their funny translations made by my students on a picture showing a translator. I show these to my students and write the correct translation lower, thus they memorize the correct one far faster. For those of you who know Russian here are two examples:

In this case – В этом кейсе (the translation can be correct but in the text it had the meaning of “in this particular situation“).

Try me – Попробуй меня (the phrase should have been translated „проверь меня“).

Activity: you can use these in the following activity: prepare some cards with such translations, but without the original phrase, ask Ss to guess what it was. You can print a funny picture demonstrating the translation instead of wording it or use the picture as a support. In the end the correct answer is to be repeated several times in the appropriate context.

So study through fun! Good luck!

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