It is quite a known fact that a lot of people tried to derive a magical method for learning English or any other languages, but eventually the myth of such ways is busted in no time. However there is one method, which cannot be called magical, but still can be quite useful.

The method I'm talking about is Ilya Frank's one: all you have to do is to read books in English with original text on the left half of the page and with paralel translation of the text into your native language on the right half of the page.

: you can absorb vocabulary and some sentence structure patters subcounciously, mastering the understanding and to some extent speaking skills.

Drawback: you cannot practice listening and grammar, so to use the method there should be some background knowledge.

I have tried the method myself when I was a kid, but still when we read books like that with my father we analyzed the grammar and learned words by heart, so with some corrections this method can be used as additional home studies.

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