In a classroom with not an English-speaking teacher, I mean whose mother tongue is not English as in my case, it can be really useful to invite somebody from Britain or America to fire up the Ss' enthusiasm. In fact inviting people from other counties apart from English-speaking ones can also play the trick even and especially for classroom with a native speaker as a teacher. The question is what can we do with such people within the classroom and the usual time limit?

1. Simple discussion with introduction and question concerning the country the person lives in etc.
2. Organized conference with PowerPoint presentations about different issues whether studied at the time or related to the person we invite.
3. Pondering over a certain book or film, which we chose beforehand and which as well might be familiar and related to the foreigner.
4. Playing a board game or any other game suitable for the audience and the guest.

There are many other ways to make such kind of a visit to our Ss' advantage, so let's look around and find an interesting guest!

Вопрос: What should we do with a foreign guest?
1. simple discussion 
6  (35.29%)
2. conference 
4  (23.53%)
3. a book or film related discussion 
3  (17.65%)
4. playing English games 
4  (23.53%)
5. nothing 
0  (0%)
6. other (--> comments) 
0  (0%)
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