Let's play games!

Making a game out of learning English is not such a bad idea as it might seam on the first glance. As long as playing games is cut out for being fun, this feeling gets passed to learning process. So consider including different types of games into your English curricula, ponder over the following:

1. Playing “mafia” is extremely popular, make it even more exciting by doing it in English!
2. Computer games - not a waste of time, as one can absorb some new words and phrases (Xanter said, she learned a lot from "Dragon Age 2"). Quest games can also be very developing.
3. There are various board games both for kids and adults, don't miss it!..

Plying is a part of our nature, and it doesn't go anywhere when we get older, so why not use in to our own advantage?! Tape "Games for English language learning and teaching" and you'll be surprised how many of them are drifting in the Internet, stretch out your hand and catch them!

Вопрос: What games can be useful for English learners?
1. computer RPGs (role-playing games) 
10  (31.25%)
2. computer quest games 
10  (31.25%)
3. mafia 
5  (15.63%)
4. board games 
5  (15.63%)
5. other (write a comment) 
0  (0%)
6. none 
2  (6.25%)
Всего: 32
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2012-01-24 в 16:16 

Бог на мякине
¡Nadie espera a la Inquisición Española!

In all honesty, all those could be useful, if they contain any amount of coherent text. Even shooters, L.A. Noire, for example.

There are also some games which can help with vocabulary - Bookworm and Bookworm adventures spring to mind.

2012-01-24 в 16:59 

Бог на мякине, thank you for your comment, and yes, the ones, you've mentioned are also very useful!

2012-01-30 в 14:44 

IMHO, RPGs like "Dragon Age" and quests like "Broken Sword" are the best :))) Strategy games like "Age of Empires" can also help learn a lot of new words... well, mostly military ones :))))))

2012-01-30 в 16:28 

Totally! =)

2012-01-30 в 22:08 

Boy do I miss DA2...